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Considering the fact that, the hybrid means a mixture of two or more things. Hybrid as a type of cannabis emanates because of breeding or hybridization of both the cannabis indica or sativa. Over the years and thanks to technological advancements, American farmers have been on a mission to boost their crop production by virtue of hybridization (that is, combining more than one crop species) with no exception to the cannabis plant. 

Thanks to a combination of mixed mold-resistant equatorial Sativas with fast-flowering, subtropical Indicas for a more viable commercial crop, gave rise to the cannabis hybrid. As a result of years of extensive research, researchers in the field of medical cannabis opined that the cannabis plant comes in both sexes as well as being a plant, like flowers, which reproduces through pollination, and the creation of creating seeds.

According to researchers, most wild hybrids aren’t stable mixes of both parents and as a result, the preceding generations are bound to produce a wide array of mixes of the parents’ genes as it is the case with humans. 


“Hybrid” As the name implies, came into existence as a result of hybridizing be it pure stains or other hybrids in a new strain. To researchers, “Skunk” is one of the oldest hybrids, which came into existence because of crossing both the indica and sativa plants and this, however, this wasn’t the last. The hybrid cannabis can be identified in the following ways. 

  • It’s Size 

Like most plants, the world over, irrespective of the similarities are known to have their difference. Taking to mind the fact that Sativas are known for their tree-like nature and grow tall. Indica’s, on the other hand, are shrubby and are known mostly for their size, and business. Due to their similarities, some sativa hybrids are known to be mistaken for Indicas. 

  • The Auto Flowering Nature

Strains of this magnitude are known to be crossed with rudalis parents. What this means is the plant has the ability to blossom irrespective of how much exposure it has to light. 

  • Coloration 

As it is the case with indica’s, some cannabis strains are known to come from areas in the world whose temperatures are somewhat very cold, and whose days are short. Climatic conditions like this are a huge breeding ground for hybrids and as such gives it that rare ability for a naturally green plant to turn purple. For consumers of the hybrid cannabis, that purple coloring makes it unique and a must have for those in the know.


Like most cannabis species, they are used for a wide array of products to ease its consumption. This is made for those who aren’t fun of consuming the plant the way it was meant to be consumed (by smoking). However, the hybrid cannabis is known and is confirmed by patients suffering from daytime anxiety to be a much potent panacea for the aforementioned disorder (anxiety), lifts moods and has the ability to manage depression. It should, however, be noted that, like most species of the cannabis plant, they are bound to react differently depending on the natural build and chemistry of the consumer


The hybrid cannabis can serve as a panacea for the following health-related conditions. Some of which includes.

  • Stress Reliefs
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue